Adaptive Camouflage for the Soldier II (PADR-FPSS-01-2017 ACAMSII)  

The ACAMSII project aims to integrate several active and passive adaptation mechanisms into a textile based soldier camouflage system. It will address several wavelenghts bands, such as visual, near infrared, short wave infrared, thermal infrared and radar. Military needs on sensing, fire power, mobility and endurance are considered. The reduction in detection range and hence the increase in survivability will be assessed using both well established methods and new methods to capture the adaptive properties. The dialogue with military end-users will start early in the project to set requirements and continue throughout the project to ensure relevance.

Activities in the project will include: survey of present and future advanced threat sensors and sensor systems in military relevant bands of the electromagnetic spectrum (visible, near infrared, short wave infrared, thermal infrared and radar); study of relevant missions for EU military forces; research and development of advanced materials, structures, mechanisms, methods and components for adaptive and passive camouflage; verification of the adaptive camouflage performance by lab measurements; production of a camouflage concept in the lab and validation in a relevant environment; dissemination of the results to a military, academic and industrial audience; exploitation of information to national military equipment procurement agencies and armed forces.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Preparatory Action for Defence Research - PADR programme under grant agreement No 800871.

Workshop and Technical Demonstration - January 27th 2022. Paris, France.

Find pictures and videos from the Workshop and Technical Demonstration under Dissemination.


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